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2 Jan 2015
So, I've been away a while, and on coming back, I am trying to get into the swing of things. I find though that I have forgotten, a lot, so I have some questions, if anyone can help.

In my bank, I found an Old Key, described as a golden key, worn down by time. I don't know why I have it though. Can anyone remember seeing one, what it is for?
I also have an Old Silver Coin, but I think that was for roleplay purposes.

I remember N'Rolav, but I can't remember any of the tricks to get there, do we have an up to date thread on here?

I am also curious about good places to train at lvl 51, and farm, but I can try to explore, to relearn those.

I suppose my final question is, anything I can do to help out? Been away for about 3 years, I think, so I feel like I have some catching up to do. =D
13 Jun 2011
Posted on the DG forums, but was suggested I post here as well.

Pirate Party

A night of fun, hosted by yours truly, Morvan, with my cohost, Amy Amaranth Taylor.

ARRRR ya ready to have some fun? Then come by to Pirate Night. We'll be having a nice little party down on the Southern Beach, right at/by the teleport spot. Come on down and have some Pirate Ale, and Pirate Grub! Stay for the songs and tales of pirates! We'll also be having contests and competitions.

Grab yer grub n grab yer ale,come along and share some tales
we got games and events galore even some dancing on the floor.
Come in costume as piratey as ya can,with patch and a cutlass to hold in ya hand
Sit by the fire,laugh and talk,do your funniest pirate walk
Prizes of plat and pirate booty we give,bring a mate it matters not who your'e with
it will be great on the beach in the blazing sun,so come down south and join the fun!

by Amy Amaranth Taylor.

As the poem says, the only catch to it is you need to wear at least one piratey item for the event, though more is welcome! Come on down and join us.

Date: Wednesday, July 6th
Time: 4:30 PM EST, 9:30 PM GMT

ps. You don't have to wear a piratey item, but why not have a bit of fun with it? *grins*
10 Jun 2011
Saw this on the AVE forum, and seemed pretty amusing. I saw we had a what do you listen to thread, but not a what are you listening to thread. So, I'll lead us off.

Lordi - Hardrock Hallelujah

On a Lordi kick of late, for some reason.
30 May 2011
So, I saw Azure's contest about Summerfaire memories, but unfortunately, I don't have any. I was digging around, and stumbled across mention of a Corlan the Friendly. I was wondering if anyone could remember any of the things he sold? Trying to get a complete list, see what I can do with that. And bonus points if anyone can remember anything about each item. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
15 May 2011
So, was talking to Vardian the other day, and she suggested I write up where Morvan has been, to explain his absence. I thought about it, and decided I liked the idea. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good way to keep it in continuity. For one, we, at least I, say in an absence that I've left the land. But really, where can we go? There really isn't anywhere to go. And if we've never really left, then why didn't we respond to major things going on? The second reason why I can't stay in continuity, ignoring the first, is because Morvan was created as an ex-pirate, from Port Perfadis. And while sea based travel is limited in the world of DG, it was just too rich an opportunity to pass up. I've tried to make everything as reasonable as possible, but nevertheless, the tale does fall out of continuity, and as such can't be used in DG to explain his absence. So instead of a definitive explanation, this is just a fun musing of where he might have been. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy writing it, and feel free to leave comments, compliments, and complaints *laughs*

What follows will be the Memoirs of Morvan, just as often as I can get around to writing them.
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