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Bo Bonnie
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Bo Bonnie

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3 Apr 2016
Username: Bo Bonnie
Character Name Bo Bonnie
Character Number 183327
Character Background Okay, so gosh, time to tackle this great, scary form. I am not used to selling myself. In fact, I don't think that I'm going to be very good at it! Though, most of you guys have already been to me 'warning' me of how 'boring' you all are - so maybe we are just as self deprecating as each other...

To talk a little bit about Bo I am going to keep things a wee bit vague. I don't want to give too many of her secrets away! I want you guys to come meet her and learn them for yourselves. Or is it just me that hates gaining ooc knowledge that ruins a good story, heh?

Despite what Lowrenzo claims, Bo is in no way related to Bobo the Monkey. Though her name is made-up gibberish all the same. Bo doesn't have a real name like a real girl, she only has the silly pet name that her Nana gave her. Nana, who wasn't her real Grandmother, but a kindly peasant woman that taken young Bo in after a raid on her village. Nana had never married and had no children of her own. She would claim that Bo was blinded as a result of the demon attack, but that was only a half truth. Nana had been keeping Bo blind for years with a pinch of homegrown poison stirred into her porridge or morning cup of tea. Nana had been a lonely woman before her little Bo Bonnie had come along, what better way to keep your young ward close by than to make them utterly dependant upon you? It is a horrible twist in Bo's tale that she will probably never learn.

Bo's song is Bird Gerhl by Antony and the Johnsons, because it is beautiful and a little bit sad. I am much too hard on poor Bo. Even her bio reads like a list of everything that she isn't.

So, when Nana died when Bo was in her twenty second winter, she left the cottage that was her home and felt her way to Dundee with her cane. After about a year or two of living poison free, her sight gradually returned in one eye and Bo now has some, limited vision. I think Bo has been active in DG for about 5-6 years now. She was sponsored to be a Cleric by Iso with Red (Drapon Speck) as a co-sponsor. It was Iso that initially invited Bo to join RoK, but she was rejected a place due to me having alts in another guild. I think Bo knows most of you all by now, though she is very quite and reclusive and keeps to herself. She spent about a year or two in Twilight Serenity, but we left due to numerous reasons. Mostly it just wasn't the place for us. Bo was surrounded by people and chatter while she was there, yet she was still entirely alone.

Supporting Information / Motivations Bo does have a tendency to be a 'back ground character' (Human bedding plant, right?). I am not sure of what to say about her to 'sell' her to the guild. She'll probably be happy pottering about the guild hall, pulling up weeds in the gardens and peeling potatoes in the kitchen. But, I always felt that Bo would belong in RoK. It is a place where she can live quietly and not be so terribly lonely. Even if nothing comes of this again and Bo is rejected, I am glad that through the process of applying we have at least made some new friends. In all seriousness it was only a month or two ago that I only had one person who regularly roleplayed with me! I am very glad to see my little social circle expanding.

To talk a little bit about my alts and other guilds, it was The Vanguard that kept me from joining RoK all those years ago. For Daisey and Jobe, it is their home and family. I couldn't imagine ever leaving them. They are all good people . Kab's is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. Recently the 'cool kids' asked me over to play and now Elen is a Crow. I hope to see at least some of you at her Teddy Bear picnic smile.gif

Alt Character Name(s) Jobe Thaniel Steward, Billy Doherty, Elenoire Rosefinch
Alt Character Number(s) No Information
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