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43 years old
Battle Creek, MI
Born Mar-9-1978
D&D and Roll Playing (obviously) Nature activities, hiking, fishing, camping, learning guitar, writing, video gaes, photography
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8 Nov 2016
Hopefully I've posted in the right area. As some of you are aware, I will be trying to gather people within three cycles' (months) time to hopefully repair the tainted obelysks! So far, the odds seem stacked against me, as there is a massive number of people required! I have found, in Purazon's library I believe, that nine people of each profession, including initiates, will be required! Now, what I found excludes rogues, but that is one thing that will be changed. Somehow, I feel all professions are needed. Valornians of all types must come together on this! A few other things will possibly be changed, as I am still studying and learning. Word of mouth is most important at this time. The more we have, the more success we may have. I will keep everyone posted as best I can! Feel free to ask questions as you need!
28 Jul 2016
Username: Krystoff
Character Name Krystof
Character Number 1
Character Background WARNING: since you may spend some time filling out this form, I warn you that there is a time-out. So make sure you have a backup (on notepad or whatever) for the lengty pieces of your application before hitting 'apply' !!

Greetings! My name is Krystof. I wish to begin by offering my apologies should my application be premature! I've had some confusion as to a letter I received from Purazon. In any case, it seems you wish to know who I am, why I wish to be a part of Rok, why you should accept me, and all the extra collaberation, do you not? Well, then let's begin!
As I've said, my name is Krystof. My history is not one of happiness, I'm afraid. When I was very young, i did not have a happy childhood. My Father was a common thief. Not one of glamor, or who thought of others, but a common, no good, greedy, seek himself first, thief! I've naught good to say of him, unfortunately. He left my mother and I coinless to persue his own desires of all that glitters. My mother...well, I'll not say much of her for fear of smearing her good name. Her choice of professions was not one of glamour, I'm afraid, but she did what she did in order to keep us fed and do what she could to take care of me. Le me just say she had a way of bringing great joy to the people of her town. A gypsy, as some called her, would be putting it lightly. *Frowns as he glances askew* Forgive me, I've not meant to cause grief among your guildhouse. Let's continue, shall we?
By the age of ten, I'd learned to take care of myself well enough, what with my father gone, and my working consistently. I'd also learned to lighten a pocket or two. Though I was not proud of it, I did so in what I considered to be a different manner than my father. You see, while he stole for greed, I did so for survival. The occasional loaf of bread, a hunk of cheese..Soon, however, I began to look around, seeing commoners as poor as me or worse, and could no longer stand the suffering. I'd honed my skills enough to steal coinpurses, but I was selective! I'd never steal from women nor children, nor people that were hard pressed for coin! I also never stole from those who were kind to their servants and the commoners! It was, and is still to this day, only the rich, pompass Lords who deem themselves better than the rest. Those who live rich lives of fine wine and the finest of silk clothes..*Wrings his hands as his lips purse together* Ah, excuse me. It seems my anger and revenge has taken over my purpose here. Where was I? Ah, the age of ten! After two or three years, I'd suppose, I'd become quite an excellent pickpocket! I'd decided to work my life to ridding the world of those who treated commoners unfairly! At this time, I'd bid my mother fair well one evening. She was saddened by my choice of skill, but understood why I was doing so, and was proud of me not taking to greed, as my father had. With a tear in her eye, she bade me take good care, saying one phrase which I try to repeat to this day: "May the shadows hide you". *He lowers his head, a slight sniff being heard as he wipes his eyes before continuing*
Ah..I'm sorry. *Clears his throat* Now, for several years, I'd drifted from town to town, never staying long enough to remember their names. I'd pick a pocket or two, keep some coin for myself, and drop the rest in a poor family's pocket. That is the way it was for quite some time now. I'd help the poor, just barely getting by myself, and moving on to find someone else worse off than me. Recently, however, I happened upon a forest. I managed to get trapped there, so to speak, as the creatures were beyond ferocious! I'd hid among the trees, seeking nuts and berries, trying to find an escape to another town when I chanced to find Dundee! I met the trainer there, who bade me train and strengthen more than just my fingers. Since no one knew me, I thought it safe, and accepted the challenge. I've grown quite well since then! I've recently had my 18th training! Naturally, I've taken the profession of a rogue! Would one expect anything else? *Grins mischievously* I've had the pleasure of meeting several fine people who have taught me that it's okay to trust people at certain times. I still rob the snooty Lords, of course, but I've people to help me do so more carefully, and more proudly! Vivianna, one of your members, which I've just happened to meet, has become a wonderful friend! I've also met Bo Bonnie, which is a sweet young woman! I've had quite a few pleasant talks with her! I did have Purazon write me a letter, but I've not met him yet unfortunately.
Well, I think I've covered everything about my history up to date. I have toured your halls, and find them most magnificent! The library is truly amazing, by my standards. My favorite place to visit is the Picnic Grounds. I especially like to climb the trees by the duck pond and relax in the cool of the evening, looking at the stars or listening to the crickets.
Supporting Information / Motivations Up to this point, merely having visited your halls and grounds has been an honor all in itself. Receiving an invitation was truly a gift! Whichever you decide, I would like to thank you all. For your kindness, for your offer, and for your warm welcome to visit the guild to anyone, be they members or not. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


OOC Forgive me if my links for screenshot and account are not correct. I asked for help and am not the smartest in computer technology. I only have one account, which all are welcome to see any time they see fit

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