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6 Dec 2011
Merry Xmas Best Buy and thanks for disheartening small children by treating one of their beloved
Christmas figures like dirt.

The smirky greedy Best Buy execs think it's funny to insult a symbol
of Xmas that little kids look up to and love. It's not funny or amusing but disgusting. To have a mother sit there all smug and treat Santa so rudely by eating his cookies and drinking his milk right in front of him insinuating Game on Santa , I'm the Santa now because buying all this crap from Best Buy one ups you.
What a cheap tasteless ad. Sure we as adults know Santa isn't a real person but to little children he is and he exists in the heart too. That's what makes this commercial even more despicable. It's taking a beloved symbol like Santa and insulting him right in front of the little kids who in their short life have grown to love him, So imagine hypothetically if a 2 yo kid set out a tray of milk and cookies and caught you eating them while saying" Take that Santa". Wouldn't be so funny would it.

23 Nov 2011

(or how Chelene got herself in trouble again)

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. All tomes are now and have always been safely on their shelves in the guild library.

"All rise!" Lord Isoyami's voice rang out in the high-ceilinged meeting room of the Guild hall. "Our esteemed leader, Sir Purazon the Iconic presiding!"

Sir Purazon strode in, impressive in full shining armor, and went to a huge, elaborately carved desk that stood on a raised dais at the front of the room. He paused to pull his Ultimate Weapon from its sheath and lay it on the desk, and then he sat in the high-backed swivel chair.

Lord Isoyami handed him a rolled parchment. "In this matter of the guild versus Chelene, docket number--well--One." After Purazon took the parchment with a nod, Iso turned back to face the room. "Please be seated--except for you!" He pointed to the young red-robed enchantress at the defense table.

Limeynor gave Chelene's hand a reassuring squeeze and sat in the chair beside her.

Sir Purazon looked around the room before he unrolled the parchment. Most members were either sleeping or out on patrol. Teraminis sat at the prosecutor's table, grinning wickedly. Grenemere sat behind him, busily taking notes of the proceedings, the ends of his beard already getting a bit ink-stained. Brisingr Blaze sat a couple of seats away from Grenemere, looking solemn and uncomfortable. Anu Shadowryder the Portal Walker stood near the door, his arms crossed, still as a stone. This was unusual for the enchanter. The lovely Vardian sat in the balcony, drawing in a sketchpad that was so large she'd leaned it against the balcony railing. She smiled warmly down to Purazon and waved. Just then, Lady Naridith slipped silently into the room. With an expression of mixed shock and worry, she looked over at Chelene. Then she noticed Vardian in the balcony and, curious, ran lightly up the curved stairway to see what she was drawing. Lord Isoyami settled into a large carved chair under a tall, stained-glass window.

Purazon knew what the parchment read, of course. But even so, he couldn't fully suppress the hurt and puzzlement in his voice as he said, "Chelene, you are accused of stealing a certain tome of Ethucan history from the guild library. How do you plead?"

Chelene blushed a red that was nearly as dark as her robe as she answered, "Not guilty, your Honor--I mean, Milord--I mean, er . . . Sir."

A murmur arose, and Sir Purazon used the pommel of his Ultimate Weapon as a gavel. "Come to order," he said with quiet authority. "Teraminis, call your first witness."

Teraminis came forward, his grin growing even wickeder as he said dramatically, "I call--Lady Chelene!"

"Huh?" Chelene whispered to Limeynor, who exclaimed, "Oh!" and jumped to her feet. "I object!" Lime said. "Isn't the one who is the accused on trial able to decide if she testifies on the standings or does not?"

Purazon blinked a few times, then said approvingly, "You objection is noted and very well expressed, Limeynor. But the answer is no. Not in my courtroom. Chelene, take the stand."

"He, he," Teraminis chuckled in anticipatory glee as he approached the witness.

"Now, Lady Che--but wait, I must check to see if you're still entitled to be called a lady." Teraminis whipped out a scroll and checked the status list. "Hm. Barely . . . just barely."

Limeynor jumped to her feet again. "Objection!" she shouted.

"Sustained,” Purazon said quickly. Then he said to Teraminis, "Chelene's place on the status list is irrelevant to these proceedings."

Teraminis nodded and turned to the witness, a gleam of mischief in his eyes. "Now, Defendant. Isn't it true that YOU--" he pointed at her dramatically "--are from Ethucan?"

"Er, well," Chelene answered, "I was born there, but--"

Purazon interrupted her to instruct: "The accused will answer the question 'yes' or 'no'."

Chelene said, "Huh?--oh . . . Yes."

(Grenemere wrote in his notebook: "The accused, looking suitably chastened, finally gave a straight answer to the question addressed to her.")

"And isn't it true," Teraminis continued, increasing the drama with each word, "that you have been making an inquiry about the foul crystal that drove the Ethucan enchanters into . . ."He added the last word in a scary stage whisper--" madness?"

Chelene made a face at him, "Yes, that's true"

Teraminis spun away. "I'm finished with the accused--for the moment. I call--Limeynor!"

Limeynor gave Chelene a nod of encouragement as she passed her on the way to the witness stand.

"Please tell the court, Lime," Teraminis said casually, "Have you ever been in Chelene's room here at the guildhall?"

"Oh, yes, we are like really sisters here. We gossip and comb each other's hair and things sisters do," Limeynor replied with a wink.

"And--" Teraminis, distracted by her wink, forgot to add wickedness to his grin. "And have you seen her room in the past week?"

"Oh, yes!" Limeynor said wonderingly. "She's so messy! I wade through parchments and feathers of gulls--even empty mugs--" she laughed and added, "She says mugs of lemonade!"

"It was lemonade!" Chelene said.

Sir Purazon sounded the gavel--that is, pommel. "Quiet, Chelene."

(Grenemere wrote: "The accused denied drinking mug after mug of ale alone in her room.")

"Thank you, Lime." Teraminis couldn't resist winking at Limeynor as she passed him. "Brisingr Blaze," he said, "please take the stand."

The young but imminently skilled enchanter came to the front of the great room, his expression solemn and very concerned. The lovely Vardian stopped drawing for the moment and leaned forward to watch him testify. Lady Naridith stepped closer to the balcony railing and nodded down to Bris to express her full confidence in him and anything he should say. Grenemere stopped scribbling and gave the proceedings his full attention. Anu seemed to straighten a little, though otherwise he didn't move.

"Now, Bris," Teraminis said. "Did you see Chelene four nights ago?"

"Well," Bris said with his usual thoughtfulness and sincerity, "I think it's important for us to remember how important our library is, not just for the guild and everything, but for everyone in Trinald. I mean, Chelene, I know how important the history of Ethucan is to you, but the book would've always been there for you to read whenever you want . . ."

Chelene waited for Sir Purazon to instruct Bris to "answer yes or no", or even just to answer the question, but that didn't happen. The guild leader listened to Bris' speech, nodding in agreement every so often.

". . . and," Bris continued, "it's human nature to want to keep things that are important to you, but the rules we have aren't just made up for no reason, they're there so everybody can read all the books, and they're all very important to everyone in the world . . . "

Teraminis said respectfully, "That is so true. Now, um--what was I--Oh, right. That last time you saw Chelene?"

"Yes, I saw her four nights ago. She was climbing up the stairs from the guild library. She was carrying an armful of parchments, quills, a bottle of ink and--" Bris looked over at Chelene with sad disappointment "--a book of finely tooled leather."

A collective gasp sounded in the great room. Lady Naridith murmured, "Oh, Chelene!" Limeynor stared at her guild sister in total disbelief. Grenemere began scribbling rapidly and Teraminis grinned the wickedest grin ever. Iso stirred a bit in the carved chair beneath the tall stained-glass window. And Anu Shadowryder looked even more as if he were made of stone. The lovely Vardian continued drawing after giving Chelene an oddly sympathetic look.

Just then something happened that caused an intense and absolute silence to fill the room. This was an event that never occurred except on the most grimly serious occasions. That event was: the raising of the Purazon eyebrow.

"Chelene." His quiet tone was even more firm and determined than anyone had heard it for a long time, and that's saying a lot. "Isn't it time you told us what really happened?"

The ground didn't open up and swallow her, though Chelene prayed fervently for it to do so. Her mystic pantaloons muffled the sound of her knees knocking together.

"Um . . . okay," Chelene took a deep breath. "I was studying and making lots of notes in the library but I couldn't just leave them in the library because the housekeeper kept throwing them away so I got tired of carrying them up and down three flights of stairs every night so I borrowed the book and--and--" She suddenly burst out--"I never took it out of our guildhall! I never meant to steal it, really!! But now--I can't find it! I've torn my room apart looking for it, but --but--Oh, I'm so sorry!!"

The lovely Vardian's soothing, warm voice came from the balcony. "It's alright, Chelene. I have it right here."

And indeed she did. Vardian stood and held the finely-tooled leather bound tome in both hands for all to see. "I saw you carry it into your room, and slipped in while you were out training."

Everyone stared at Vardian in astonishment--none more astonished than Purazon.

"V-Vardian?" He stammered a bit, and then recovered quickly. "Vardian, perhaps you could have discussed this with me in my office, rather than . . . " He spread out his hands, indicating the trial room and everyone in it.

She gave him a lovely smile of apology. "Of course I could have, Purazon. But I have a confession of my own to make. You see, we so badly need a new, updated portrait of our guild leader. But you've been so busy, far too busy to sit for one."

As Sir Purazon began to shake his head in dismay, Vardian added with sweet wisdom, "Chelene is so impulsive sometimes. And I'm sure she'd agree--" Vardian looked down at the young enchantress with a softly pleading gaze, "--you are quite guilty of carelessness and of breaking the guild's most just rule, aren't you, dear?"

Calmed now by the lovely Vardian's gentle voice, Chelene nodded. "Yes, I am."

Limeynor patted her on one shoulder and Bris patted her on the other. Grenemere nodded with satisfaction, completely forgetting his notes. Lady Naridith looked down at Chelene with affection, shaking her head a little. She decided to have a serious talk with the wayward enchantress very soon. Anu relaxed and uncrossed his arms. Teraminis practiced his wicked grin.

Sir Purazon leaned back with a small sigh. "Well, is the portrait finished--I hope?"

"Not quite," Vardian lifted the sketchpad and, with Naridith's help, turned in so that everyone could see.
"It lacks color. Paints are so difficult to find . . . this terrible war."

The drawing was exquisite. It showed Sir Purazon sitting in full shining armor at the elaborately carved desk, his Ultimate Weapon upright in his right hand, his JKD honor shield leaning in full view against the front of the desk. The Dragon banner hung above the high-backed chair in which he sat.

Lord Isoyami came forth to the middle of the room and raised his own Ultimate Weapon by the hilt high above his head. Its blade glowed like blue fire. The powerful cleric looked magnificent as he stood there praying softly, his face raised to the gods.

A bright light grew behind the rich colors of the stained glass window. Growing even brighter by the moment, the light seemed to gather together all the colors of the window and transport them, in a narrowing cone of swirling, glowing colors, to the tip of Lord Isoyami's Ultimate Weapon. There the light formed itself into a brilliant ball and then, as if flung by a God's hand, the ball flew toward the drawing Vardian held above the balcony railing. Suddenly, the drawing was filled with color as if painstakingly painted by a master artist.

"Ah," breathed Vardian, "It seems the Gods forgive my little trick . . . "

A murmur of admiration rose in the great room.”Oh, Vardian," some words emerged from the collective murmur: “. . . shows his strength so well . . . and intellect . . . epitome of an Iron Knight . . .”

In fact, everyone expressed praise for the portrait--and it's subject--except Sir Purazon himself, who sat quietly at the elaborately carved desk with a paper bag over his head.

However, the bag could not stay in place for long; the guild leader had his duties here to complete. After he folded the bag and slipped it back into his pack, Sir Purazon addressed the accused.

"Chelene, you've confessed to a serious infringement of the guild rules and I must now pronounce sentence against you." He seemed more like a father reluctantly deciding child's punishment than a judge. "Every morning for the next month, you will scrub the floors of the guild library and keep the shelves, the books and all the furnishings dusted. You will not leave one scuff mark nor one speck of dust. Do you understand and accept your sentence as I have explained it to you?"

Chelene nodded, "Yes, I do, Sir."

"Then, we are adjourned!" Sir Purazon sounded the gav--pommel once more and stood away from the chair of judgment with relief. He climbed the stairs to he balcony and offered the lovely Vardian his arm. Everyone watched, smiling, as he escorted her down the stairs and out of the great room.

Limeynor hugged Chelene. "Wish I could help you--" she grinned and winked. "But I so hate housework!"

"Gee, thanks, Lime!" Chelene said, giving a rueful grin back to Lime. Anu Shadowryder was waiting for her by the door. A student's behavior reflects on her teacher, and Anu was her teacher. She owed him a special apology.

"Anu, I--" She began, but he interrupted her, a little gleam of amusement in his eyes.

"Three flights of stairs?" he asked, "All this because you didn't want to climb three flights of stairs?"

"I'm very sorry, Anu."

"Hm." He softly patted his bag of poofing powder. "Tends to make enchanters lazy. Come on, I'll show where the cleaning supply closet is."

She glanced back at her guild mates. Lady Naridith sat gracefully at the top of the railing of the curved staircase, and slid all the way down. Grenemere sat cross legged on his magic carpet, which hovered a few feet off the floor, shaking his head at Teraminis, who argued, "Why can't I hitch a ride?" Limeyor stood watching them, laughing. Bris and Iso stood beneath the tall stained glass window, discussing with happy wonder the miracle that had just happened.

Oh, yes--Chelene thought as she followed her teacher out of the room--I definitely chose the right guild. The End.

And from the pen of Purazon

The three Kingdoms of Valorn - Alornium, Norwind and Verthor – were at war. They were of equal power and as war raged on, it seemed as if no clear victor would ever emerge.
This deadlock of war was finally lifted after the generals of the three kingsdoms met, forming a group of trustees which would serve as diplomats. These diplomats would to try to end the wars. They set themselves a goal to strive for peace, and to end the suffering of the people.

While they each attempted to persuade their own kings to strive for peace, they placed their loyal men as a neutral elite military force near the borders of the kingdoms as peacekeepers, to dissuade nearby villages from attacking each other and to cease further hostilities between the people of the different kingdoms. Initially there were still some attacks and skirmishes. But finally, through cunning diplomacy and a couple of combats, they succeeded to unite Valorn under one banner, without the 3 kings losing their kingdoms.

The generals and their loyal men had become known as the Iron Knights,.... a symbol for unity and peace. Despite the fact that their original goal was accomplished, they did not disband the Order of the Iron Knights. From that moment on they would serve as defenders of the royal line that would rule over the united lands of Valorn. For Valorn needed a high king to govern the others. While the 3 kings would keep their current powers and territories, a High King would settle any differences between them and enforce the peace between them, supported by the Order of Iron Knights. However, the kings needed to swear their allegiance to the High King and none of them agreed with one the others becoming their superior. The High King needed to be neutral, but still of noble birth. After a long discussion, the kings finally agreed on the identity of the first High King. He became known as Queassam the Great, rightful Ruler of the People of the North.

While the people of the north can easily be mistaken for Norwind, it wasn’t until later times that Alornium, Norwind and Verthor were monikered as the Kingdoms of the south, north and east. In the earliest days of the Golden Age the “People of the North”, referred to another Kingdom: Kilican. In those days Kilican was somewhat larger then it is now and it was known to be a small but mighty kingdom of warriors. Now Valorn and Kilican became united under the same ruler. Nevertheless, the role of the High King should not be overestimated in those early days. He was the king of kings but he had few direct subjects. He had the power to settle disagreements among kings, but could not tell them how they should run their kingdom, wich laws and decrees they should enforce upon their subjects or how run their royal household. He was only granted a small territory on Valorn that was under his direct control: the shores of Lake Valorn, including the small fishertown Laleldan. A wall was built around this territory and some remnants of this construction can be seen to this day.

Thus was born the political structure of three kingdoms which were ruled by kings, which in turn were ruled by the High King of Valorn. With the line of the High Kings on the Throne of Caer Laleldan, the golden age had begun, and it was a time of peace that would last until the arrival of the Dark One in these lands. End.

10 Nov 2011
Family Guy can really push the limits and this cutaway gag scene is hilarious.
With Peter mentioning that Quagmire's brother in law is scarier than an Iraq Lobster.
Then cuts away to a scene with Peter playing the guitar and singing a hilarious parody to the B'52s Rock Lobster
called Iraq Lobster while a lobster with a beard and head wrap dances around. Here is the Youtube link to it -enjoy

Iraq Lobster
5 Oct 2011
It all starts here!!!

Pt 1 – Grenemere Alcandar Returns

It’s one thing to go out and get drunk and have no memory of the night before but when
you have no memory of the last five years, that is a different story. For Grenemere Alcandar , that was
exactly his situation. Waking up in the small dinghy and floating ashore off Southern Valorn only to run
into two rather nasty characters in Zendaat and Gorbash was just the beginning of his troubles, He still
could not recall where he knew them from but they knew him and not in a friendly way. “Hey Zendaat,
our friend here is awake “ said Gorbash a sinister looking man with a long scar down his left cheek, a
well used hilt with a long silver blade hung at his side. The sword had a slight glow to it so you knew it
was enchanted. Gorbash was a powerfully built man , an assassin by trade and had a reputation that
even some demons were wary about. Zendaat on the other hand was a foul necromancer , practicing
dark magic , he also enjoyed torturing people for information or just for fun. “Well Well, Grenemere
Alacandar, I don’t know how you managed to escape us before but you wont this time” sneered
Zendaat. The staff he brandished had a ruby crystal embedded in it and it started glowing fiercely when
he uttered a few inaudible charms. Grenemere rubbed the back of his head where a few hours ago
Gorbash had clobbered him with the handle of his sword and felt a lump , “Ouch damnit” he muttered .
He didn’t know who these men were but they were going to pay for that he swore .

“Now Grenemere” said Zendaat. “You have in your possession a letter and I want it. “Don’t try and lie
your way out of saying you don’t have it because I will know”. Grennie as his friends called him didn’t
have a clue as to why they’d want the letter since it was concerning his welfare and that he was to go
to the village of Dundee and seek out a certain member of a particular guild and some other
instructions. He weighed his options and decided to act. He sized them up and knew he was no match
for them by himself. Obviously Gorbash was superior in swordplay then himself judging by his foes
demeanor and well worn hilt at his side. Also the powerful build and cat like reflexes Gorbash had
exhibited in not only sneaking up on Grennie but barely flinching when Grennie had elbowed him in the
stomach. Then there was Zendaat, he didn’t know how he knew but there was a familiar feeling to
magic in his veins. Grennie possessed some skill with it and that’s how he saw his chance. “ Of course
the letter sir, Let me retrieve it “ said Grennie . Suddenly he got the distraction he needed when a large
object crashed on the beach , the waves had gotten so rough that a rock had been hurled from the
breakers onto the shore momentarily distracting both Zendaat and Gorbash. With a silent gesture he
cast the spell and a gust of wind swept across the beach dumping sand into the faces of his captors. As
they cursed trying to clear their eyes of the sand, he dropped some sand of his own and closed his eyes
, then he was gone. “Enough” Zendaat yelled and clapped his hands together and the sand in their
eyes disappeared and then Zendaat gritted his teeth “ Curse me for a fool ,he’s gotten away again “.
“Don’t worry Zendaat” said Gorbash . He picked up the letter that had fallen out of Grennie’s pocket “
We know where he’s going now” he smirked. End interlude

Loscivan Grenemere hurriedly made his way through the streets of Milltown . He was furious
for allowing himself to be late to a guild meeting and was hoping he could make it on time. “ Hey
Gren” – It was Chelene who greeted him .” Slow down , I’m on my way to the meeting as well and we
have time”. He smiled at her , she always seemed to know how to calm him down. She had not been
with the ROK for too long but had already learned a great deal and was becoming more powerful each
day. He noticed she was wearing her crimson enchanters robe but had some added flair to it with
designs of interesting symbols embedded down the sides and as always that jet black hair which
hung down just below her shoulders and usually covered part of one eye – He liked the aura
of mystery about her, He really did not know too much about her besides her teachings as an enchanter
and that she had a quick wit which sometimes got men chasing her to no abandon. He chuckled to
himself “So Chel , How is the study of the Ethucan enchanters going?” he asked. “ Well, you know about
the tales of a certain crystal “ and she went on about what she had discovered about the madness and so
forth . He was listening to her findings when all of a sudden he could have sworn he felt a slight shift
in the air . He dismissed it as just a random feeling of the wind. They continued on up the road to the
guild hall. If he had waited one more minute not only would he have been right but he would have
practically smashed right into his long lost brother Grennie who materialized right where they had just
walked a moment ago . Looking bewildered he almost fell down from being dizzy. “Where the hell did I
teleport to?” he thought and then he tripped and fell backwards right into the arms of another ROK
member who as it turned out was Purazon who just happened to be late for the meeting himself and
had dropped all his books to catch the man falling backwards into him. “ Oh my word” he said as he
helped Grennie back to his feet “ If it wasn’t for that tattoo ,I would swear you were Gren’s twin”
Bam – Grennie’s eyes narrowed and then he had to do everything he can to keep from swearing.

“Did you say Gren? As in Loscivan Grenemere? “ . Purazon was surprised as well- this man obviously
knew about Loscivan but who was he?. “Yes ,You could be his twin” he replied . “ Funny you should say
that “ said Grennie and Purazon sensed that this man was getting angrier by the second –
he could also sense that familiar feel of magic being brought to bear. Trying to diffuse the situation he
engaged in some small talk. “ I am Purazon of the ROK and I was on my way to a guild meeting ,
Loscivan is a member of our guild and he should be there – You mentioned his name so I figured you
must know him”. And once again Purazon could feel the anger coming from the other man and it
was getting even stronger . “Why sure “ said Grennie . “ I would love to see Gren again” he was seething
now. Purazon had no way of knowing that he had just put himself in the middle of what was to become
an ugly family reunion. At the guild hall , some of the members were in the meeting room including
Loscivan and Chel when there was a loud crash and then Purazon went flying across the meeting room
floor. A figure crossed the floor behind Purazon and Gren went white as a sheet. “Oh my God”
“Grennie?” . Grennie was silent for a moment and Chel herself was shocked. Except for the tattoo you
Couldn’t tell them apart. “Chel you’d better get out of here” said Gren because this is probably going to get
ugly. “ No, I’m staying – this man is obviously related to you ,you could be twins and he just tossed
Purazon across the floor like a doll, I’m not going to let him get away with that”. “How nice “ said
Grennie , the family that cares” and he approached Gren. “ Dear brother , how fortunate to find you
Here” . “Lets see .my memory of the last five years is a blank but I do remember our last charming
family get together where you tossed me out of the family estate and said you wished I had never been
born”. Loscivan felt a terrible pain in his heart at those words because they were true. He blamed
Grennie for their mothers death and those awful memories of Zendaat and Gorbash floated up too.
He had figured out too late that they had tricked Greenie and also made it look as if he had
orchestrated the whole plot to rob the estate and also kill his mother since she discovered their plan.
At the time he would not listen to Grennie’s pleas and they fought with Loscivan finally defeating his
brother and tossing him out of the family estate. This however was not the same brother from all those
years ago, The amount of anger he could feel and the magical energies told Gren that his brother
was much more powerful and unstable. “You know this has to happen “ said Grennie. “ I’ve never
forgiven you for that “. “ You don’t have too to do this Grennie , We can “ . Grennie cut him off.
“No , the time for talking is over , I’ve been wanting to settle the score for a long time now and
we are going to finish this right here and now” he said as his eyes narrowed. “ if you fight him,
then you will have to fight me as well “ said Chel . “So be it witch “ said Grennie. Now , it was one thing
to tease Chel but one thing she absolutely hated was being called a witch . “ Witch ,Witch ? How dare
you , You come in here assault one of our leaders and insult me “ she yelled . One learns rather quickly
that angering a female enchanter especially when you’re a male is not a smart thing to do but Grennie
didn’t seem to care. Chel was about to cast a curse at him when things really heated up as both Zendaat
and Gorbash had tracked Grennie down and both walked into the hall. “ So what do we have here “
smiled Gorbash . He immediately noticed Chel and for possibly the first time in his life
he became enamored with her. He could not take his eyes off her. She was like he , raw beauty
powerful ,mysterious and no nonsense. “ Who are you people” she asked them . “ Who we are
is non of your concern enchanter “ said Zendaat . “ Our business is with Alcandar here or as
you may also know him Grenemere Alcandar and how nice his big brother is here too”.

The majority of the guild were out on missions in far off areas of Valorn so Loscivan knew
that having to deal with this would get deadly . He himself had barely escaped with his life
the last time he dealt with those two and he did not want to see anyone get killed . Purazon
had finally come too and stood up – he was seething himself. “ You , I don’t take too kindly
to getting tossed through windows “ he glared at Grennie. “ Oh and would you rather I have
dropped you off a tower” Grennie wickedly smiled. Rather than get infuriated , “Purazon said “
How about we see just how good you are when you’re not hitting someone who has his back to you”
“Hold Purazon , I will deal with my brother” said Gren. Zendaat had moved across the room next to
Gorbash “ As much as I would like to enjoy this family reunion, I’ve had enough of this , Grennie is
coming with us and you all would best back off ,you don’t want to start something with us” .
“Oh I beg to differ” said a voice from the back hallway . “They all turned and it was Brisingr Blaze who
Had just gotten back from a trip to the Eastern Moutains . “ I’m glad I got back when I did ,seems that
You sir are the one who should back off, powerful I sense you may be but you are no match for me”.
Bris had sized Zendaat up and wasn’t totally sure of the others power but he was not going to back
down and it was better to show a sign of force than weakness. The two of them faced each other and
then they disappeared ,reappearing on a hillside overlooking the guild hall . “ You’re going to be sorry
enchanter “ said Zendaat . Bris simply smiled and said “ Don’t flatter youself “ and then the familiar feel
of magic being brought up to attack was felt and the fight was on. Meanwhile back in the guild hall
Gorbash was eyeing Chel . She didn’t know why but she felt something familiar about him.
What was it about him that seemed so familiar ? She found herself strangely attracted to him but
Loathing him at the same time . “You sense it too enchantress” he smiled wickedly at her. “We shouldn’t
be fighting lovely , you know how you feel about me don’t you ?” . “ Stop it Gorbash “ said Gren .
“I’ll do no such thing Gren” he laughed. “ He’s right Gren” said Grennie.” Now where were we “
And he hurled a curse at Gren but Purazon deflected it with his axe. “How dare you “ yelled Grennie
and Purazon knew he was right in the middle of a family war. Chel had managed to slip around behind
Gorbash but he only pretended to not notice her and grabbed her by the wrist and forcibly kissed her
full on the mouth. “Why you insufferable wretch” her voice was filled with venom. “Let go of me” and
she started concentrating and the backlash knocked him to the floor. He sprang up “ You enjoyed
that even more than I did and you know it enchantress” , He slipped out the doorway and down the
path . Chel was fuming and ran after him .”Chel wait “ yelled Gren but she was gone and out of sight.
End interlude.

Coming up .
What exactly is between Chel and Gorbash ?
Can Bris handle Zendaat ? . Purazon takes on both of the Grenemere Brothers- Oh boy!
and things get even crazier when "well you'll just have to wait and see" .
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