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16 Jan 2005

A fine piece of parchment is found posted to the door of the guild hall. On it are careful but beautifully scripted words.

"Beloved members of RoK;

Danica here. I wished to inform you, my second family and closest friends, that my child is born. Healthy and strong, a boy with blue eyes and black hair. He seems to be a lovely mix of me and Xanthias. His name is Elysian. I will return to fighting as soon as I recover.

Be blessed,
Danica Angelus"
1 Dec 2004
[ Just one of Danica's journal writing from DGPlayers; http://www.dgplayers.net/index.php?ind=blo...&op=home&idu=12 (December 1st, 2004) But I like how it turned out, so I'm posting it here as well.]

Such a terrifying day, yesterday was. I heard the Town Crier shouting out that demons were approaching. Hunters had spotted them. I, and many other members of Remnants of Kimald, swarmed to find them. Then, we saw a dark light filling the sky. Balthazar had activated the Forge. We all desperately ran to the Obelisks with the hope to protect them from him. If he obtained some strange, powerful weapon? Gods, I cannot bear to think of our troubles growing all the worse!

I made my way to the Obelisk of Courage, in the plans south of Dundee.. the only Obelisk I've as yet come across personally. Others, even those not of RoK, bless everyone's heart, had gathered there as well. It was silent for some time. The minutes seemed to stagger by slowly in my wary anticipation. In my fear. I found myself to be clutching my belly, housing my unborn child, with one hand, and fiercly clenching the hilt of my sword with my other hand. So hard I clenched my sword, I half expected it to melt away in my grip, dripping to the ground and mixed with my sweat. My knuckles were as white as my face surely was. I have never felt such fear before, when it was only myself to be concerned about. Is this a glimpse at what my future as a mother will be like?

Then, they arrived. Massive demons storming through the plains, cackling wildly and swinging their weapons with wild abandon. I have met their kind before, but knowledge does not lessen fear, in this experience. I threw myself into the fray and damaged the demon I found as much as I could.

I thudded into the Inn floor, but I had expected it, of course, and the impact with wood was minimal. I hurriedly pulled myself up and rushed out of Dundee's Inn, back to the plains. Twice more I did this, the last time finally using my Cleric Ring to blast them all with holy light. I pray I helped at least a small amount in the battle. Then, God Cory halted my approach to battle. I had tasted death too many times for the moment. He did not wish to keep resurrecting me again and again, when he had so many others at the same instant to keep cycling back into this life.

I stood just outside Dundee, staring into the vast plains. It was all just beyond my sight, but I heard those cry out that Balthazar had arrived. And then Ben! Oh, I regret that I missed the chance to confront Balthazar again--the last was when he kidnapped me and put me into his damned labyrinth, some months back. I especially regret not seeing Ben again. I so little get to truly experience the Gods, beyond my prayers.

Which, as I stood there, waiting for the end of the massive, desperate battle, or for my chance to return to it, I prayed. Most heartily. I begged the Gods--Ben, Cory, Selene--to bless us with strength to defeat Balthazar. To at least bless us with the opportunity to stop him from tainting the Obelisks!

One Obelisk is tainted now, beyond our use. We have not figured out if Balthazar was merely tainting the Obelisks, or if he was making weapons of his own. Perhaps whenever he creates a weapon, it taints the source. I can only hope he was merely tainting it. Bad enough as it is, that, but how much worse if he is using them for his own purpose as well.

I must eat, and then slumber. The baby kicks harshly within me, irritated with my forgetfulness to feed us both.

22 Nov 2004
Danica uncurled from her chair with a quiet sigh, tossing her parchment and pen to the floor. Endless times, she had started and restarted a note to him. She wished to tell him in person, but it made her heart clench simply thinking of it. She still loved him deeply. She had not wished to lose him, but... it was his choice. When they had both lost Ravenna, he had felt they no longer shared what had brought them together in the first place. Whether it caused him pain to speak to her or not, it certainly caused herself pain--when she felt she would have fallen for him, no matter what Ravenna's involvement. So, a note it would be.

She stared at the flames rippling through her fireplace as one hand absently stroked her swelling belly. Three or four months along now. She would stop battling in her sixth month, she had decided. Though, in all honesty, she had not yet decided if she would even keep the child. Xanthias' child.

"Dear Xanthias--"


"Xanthias. I write to inform you--"


"Xanthias. I realize we are no longer together, but guess what?--"

That one went straight into the fireplace.

"Xanthias. I realize we are no longer together, however, I feel I should inform you that I am with your child. I have not yet decided if I shall keep it. I apologize. -Love, Danica."

She stared at the note for several minutes, as if she had forgotten how to read. Finally, she carefully set it aside to be delivered later, deep in the night. Then.. she very calmly walked off to to make her supper and wile away the evening with silent weeping.
10 Nov 2004
I definitely like the college I'm at. Even though it is Christian based, originally, not all the people here are Christian, and even most of the Christians tend to support people of alternate sexual orientation or alternate religion, because they believe in freedom.

PRIDE, my school's gay/lesbian/transgender group held a candle vigil this past Sunday night in mourning of the passing of Proposal 2. Yes, gay marriage was already illegal. What Proposal 2 did was screw up things like common law for everyone. A straight couple deciding not to get married, but living together, no longer gets any benefits. Now, you have to be married, to receieve any recognition as a partner, gay, straight, or otherwise.

This is really crappy, in my thought process, as the government isn't to have anything to do with religion.. and by default, marriage itself is a matter of religion. Not all religions believe in marriage or civil union. And it's also government imposing a religious belief by not allowing alternate marriages to take place.

A lot of people have been affected by this Proposal. Even if it didn't do anything to people of alternate sexual orientation really, since it was already illegal... it's still harmful to all of us to be voted against so massively. It's still yet another loss in our stand, because it shows how we're still not accepted.

Therefore, we mourned. It was a very nice vigil. Everyone got their chance to speak of how it affected them, or someone they knew. We each held a candle. The president of PRIDE spoke, some of the people who helped put up flyers spoke of the fact that many of them got rudely torn down, etc. It was freezing cold, and we all had to make an effort to even keep our candles lit in the wind, but it was worth it.
3 Oct 2004
Sweet! Finally got to level 15, and off to get my profession! biggrin.gif

Sad though.. I've been a part of DG longer than Xanthias, and I'm only just now getting here. ::Rolls eyes:: Sheesh.

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