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Synvasti Shymere
39 years old
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A dirty city far from mountains.
Born May-22-1981
Realms of pure imagination. Realms of slightly impure imagination. Realms where missing socks abide. Rocks and trees and animals. Some people.
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Synvasti Shymere

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28 Sep 2016
Edward's doing an item-creation contest and asked me to spread the word to my guildies. This seems like a reliable way to do so!

24 Oct 2006
Greetings RoK,

Don't know what to say... so, um. Well, I've skulked around your forums for a while and made friends with a few of you, while the other RoKers I've met have all left a good impression on impressionable ole me. I guess I've gathered enough information to know that I'd be thrilled to join the Remnants of Kimald. And honored, though that's less of a concern. Here's my critical information, statistics and such-like, and all alternate characters. Thanks for considering my application, and please let me know if anything else is required.

Synvasti Shymere

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This woman wears the robes of an enchanter, blood dark folds of fabric that smell of salt and moss more often than not. With autumn coming, her auburn hair traps leaves and bits of bark amidst the braided, tangled collection of feathers and cloudy gray crystals. Her summer tan is fading to a paler gold, and though she blames it on overcast days, those who know her might attribute this to an affinity for the Desert Tomb.

Her staff is powdered with dull white bone dust that glitters in the whorls and folds of the wood, and its crystal bears the faintest smudge of green goo. She earned a fair bit of muscle wielding a broadsword as an Initiate, and uses it to an advantage with her thumping stick. Most of her kills die wishing she'd never given up on edged weapons, or hoping she'll just unleash the lightning and stop whaling on them. She lacks no enthusiasm while hunting, as evidenced by the ragged red hem of her robe.

She's not entirely negligent with her appearance. She wears stunning protective jewelry, from the jade ring on her finger to the matching cuff on her shield arm. At her throat is an amulet that glows gently, and catches against strange silver illustrations on her skin. In addition to such practical trinkets, one might see a flash of color on her wrist, and closer inspection will reveal a string of seashells in colors ranging from pale blues and greens to indigo. She's also got a wicked pair of boots reminiscent of the sea's shadowed glory, and some gauntlets sharper than the sea foam they resemble. She considers wading in the ocean spray, fully garbed, a suitable way to clean herself and her gear, but other than that she's much too busy to care.

As a rule, the slightest smile curves her lips, and good natured humor gleams in her slanted hazel eyes more readily than malice. However, if she's deep in thought, the planes of her face draw into a sour expression, a serious mien accompanied by a frown of concentration. She often seems rude, abrupt with her comments or careless with her intonations, but this is due more to the pacing of her words than any intentional cruelty. She's not as quiet as she'd like to be, nor as comfortable among friends as she should be.

It shows in her bearing sometimes, when she hesitates before seating herself at the Inn or tenses before returning a greeting. It's evident in her fidgeting ways, and her need to fill her hands with something besides dust motes and sunlight. So, she's always gripping either a mug of ale, her staff of lightning, or a slim gray book bound in silver. She'll equip these things in combinations as well.

Synvasti Shymere

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Gender: Female
Level: 23
Profession: Enchanter
Stature Points: 27
Unspent Stat Points: 0
Messages: 0(view)
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Progress to next level: 23%
Deaths this hour: 0
HP: 926/1512
Power: 463/480
HP Potions: 610
Power Potions: 420
Attack: 316
AC: 171
Str: 105 (106)
Con: 105 (109)
Dex: 106 (110)
Int: 105 (110)
Platinum: 2
Gold: 10
Silver: 1063
Total item weight: 129
Equipped Items
Steel Visor
Moose Hide Cloak
Armlet of Protection II
Ring of Protection II
Amulet of Righteousness (Glowing)
Sea Scale Boots
Sea Scale Gauntlets
Enchanted Skull Helm
Fine Blue Silkspun Clothing
Robe of Protection II
Shield of Light (Glowing)
Staff of Lightning II
Stowed Items
Brass Monocle
Snow Leopard Cloak
Silver Ring
Silver Ring
Silver Ring
Silver Ring
Shell Necklace
Silver Amulet
Silver Amulet
Silver Amulet
Tree Moss Tea
Crude Hammer
Crude Hammer
A Bag of Powder
Journal of Annia Sacrata 1
Journal of Annia Sacrata 6
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