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11 May 2008
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7 Jul 2006
The Cast:

JKD ------------------------------------- JKD
Balthazar ------------------------------ Korba
Storyteller ----------------------------- Olator
Curtain Handler ----------------------- Burtoro Tayher
Merchant 1------------------------------Topaz
Merchant 2------------------------------Scally
Kimaldian -------------------------------Shannara
Traveling Merchant---------------------Scally
King Lenindar ------------------------- Shadow Ryder
Ferestys-Crown Prince of Kimald ----Scally
Young Prince---------------------------JKD
Cloaked Figure/ Ixon-----------------Niyol Ahiga
Demon------------------------------Urotho Tahyer

The Play:

[C-G]Storyteller: *Takes the stage and demands silence* "Ahem...This is the story of Kimald and its downfall. Some may call it a story of defeat. Aye, but I for one also call it a story of hope. For we are the Remnants of Kimald,[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: and as long as we draw breath, we shall never give up hope." *Looks into the distance, overwhelmed by memories* "Not so far away and not so long ago there was the land of Kimald....[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: *sighs and smiles softly* Kimald was a gentle and peaceful Kingdom-- The palace a large pearly white construction, centered in and towering over the Capital.[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: The palace dated back to an ancient time, before recorded history." *Takes a deep breath before truly launching into the story* "Kimald had a full and rich population,[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: the capital was very dense with countryman and foreigners alike. The capital itself was a center of commerce,many bazaars and shops filled the streets and squares."[/C]

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *Pulls up the stage curtain, revealing a busy market square. Several merchants are promoting their goods to the townsfolk and haggling about prices.*[/C]

[C-G]Storyteller: "The townsfolk of Kimald lived their quiet satisfied lives, the merchants made their profits, the people lived their lives with no real poverty to be found. They had kind and intelligent rulers,[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: and it was a veritable Golden Age for the Country. The people were happy, until... one day darkness fell and their world changed."[/C]

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *dims the candle light"[/C]

[C-G]Storyteller:----------END OF INTRO----------[/C]

[C-G]Storyteller: PART 1 - Battle of Kimald[/C]

Merchant 1: "What's that?" *Looks around in bewilderment, then points into the distance* "Clouds seem to be gathering quickly."[/C]

Merchant 2: "Aye, it seems a strong storm is coming. We better get our goods inside before they get drenched."[/C]

[C-G]Storyteller: "Merchants quickly pulled their goods together and townsfolk fled to the safety of their warm homes for the duration of the storm. The storm was in fact moving toward them with unnatural speed.[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: The darkness came in covering every inch of the country, even candlelight failed against the blanket of shadows.[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: It was at this point that the townsfolk started to realize this was no natural storm; something was very wrong."

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *puts out the candles completely*[/C]

[C-R]Balthazar: *with a booming voice in the darkness* "Bend to my might, people of Kimald, for you are not worthy of polishing my boots. Renounce your King, and grovel in the dust, then maybe, just maybe...[/C]
[C-R]Balthazar: I might offer you a chance of survival. Grovel well and lick my boots, and I might offer you powers beyond your dreams. Powers rivaling that of your petty indifferent Gods, for they are no match for my might."[/C]

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *Slowly brings dull candlelight to the stage, so the actors become visible again*[/C]

Kimaldian: "Who are you, to claim such wild things? We are the people of Kimald, we have enough trained warriors and enchanters to deal with measly plunderers, trying to attack our towns and steal our wealth."

[C-R]Balthazar: *Still using the darkness for cover, laughs and then slowly answers* "Measly plunderer? You underestimate me... I'm no measly plunderer. I am the mighty Balthazar!! I have demons at my beck and call."[/C]

Traveling Merchant: "Aye we've heard of you. It is rumored that the one bearing that name, if you are him that is, was the downfall of many other Kingdoms. Still, you do not impress us. Our army is well trained,
Traveling Merchant: and our King is a mighty enchanter himself. You *points up to the darkened sky and smirks* you are but a lone voice in the darkness; you dare not even show yourself to us! You hide in the shadows from us.
Traveling Merchant: *Chuckles confidently* Begone scoundrel, and never set foot in Kimald again!"

Townsfolk: *shout out in agreement* "Aye! Begone! Never set foot in Kimald again!!!"

[C-R]Balthazar: *visibly agitated from the insults* "I am far from alone, you puny mortals. *shrugs* But you have made your choice... Now, people of Kimald, you shall perish at your own hands!"[/C]
[C-R]*Balthazar raises a black gauntlet covered hand and some demons run on stage. As he lowers his hand they begin to attack the townsfolk and merchants*[/C]

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *pulls curtains down*[/C]

[C-G]Storyteller: "And thus, the battle of Kimald began. Wave after wave of demons surged through the town, devouring everyone and everything at Balthazar’s evil command. The people of Kimald put up a fierce resistance,[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: taking many demons with them in their downfall, but they were mere drops in a vast ocean of blood. They were losing people as the number of demons began to grow. It soon became obvious to everyone:
[C-G]Storyteller: without help they would lose the battle, Kimald would fall and they would all perish."[/C]

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *pulls up the curtain, revealing a battle in progress, as demons fight the townsfolk and drive them back. In the background looms a large closed gate. It's white doors are decorated by intricate engravings*[/C]

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *Sounds horn*[/C]

Kimaldian: "Look, kinsmen, the palace gate opens. We must keep fighting! Our King Lenindar, and his mighty guards are coming to join the battle and save us!"

King Lenindar: *Surrounded by a white aura, accompanied by his two sons and surrounded by a dozen guards, joins the scene, stepping through the gate. The battle stops. He looks at the demons* "Who dares to bring war to the peaceful Kingdom of Kimald?"

Demon: *impressed by Lenindar's commanding presence, point at Balthazar*

King Lenindar: *looks at Balthazar expectantly* "Why do you assail us, Dark One?"

[C-R]Balthazar: *His black eyes grow large and his voice raspy* "I demand Kimald will bend down on their knee to the might of Balthazar… Or it, and all of its people, will be destroyed!"[/C]

Demon: *Yells with vigor*

Ferestys- Crown Prince of Kimald: "Never!!! Never shall we bow to you and your horde of demons! The Royal guard of Kimald will defeat your wretched creatures.
Ferestys- Crown Prince of Kimald: And whatever powers you have are no match for my father! We will stand and defend our Kingdom."

King Lenindar: *nods and raises his staff to show his power, energy crackling around it*

[C-R]Balthazar: "So, the fools desire to fight to their own deaths! Kimald would rather fight than live. I even offered to empower you. *shakes head then grins deviously* You wish to die? Well, army let's give them…"[/C]
[C-R]Balthazar: *raises his black gauntlet covered hand above his horned head. "…EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT!" *Balthazar snarls and his hand, like the lever of a flood gate, guides the Demon Horde forward in a deathly surge.*[/C]

[C-G]Storyteller: "The battle continued. The people of Kimald fought courageously, but there were just too many demons. Even with the Kings colossal skills as an Enchanter, one by one, the Kimaldians fell.[/C]
[C-G]Storyteller: In the end, even the powerful Ferestys, Crown prince of Kimald, fell under the spears of his many foes."[/C]

Ferestys, Crown prince of Kimald: *With several spears stuck out of his armor he stumbles before falling to the ground in a loud clatter then gasps for air.* "Father, forgive me... I have... failed Kimald.. and I... have failed you.. "

Young Prince: : *Demons quickly unarm him and throw him at the feet of his father*[/C]

[C-R]Balthazar: *Standing at the front of his army of demons* "Now Lenindar, surrender your kingdom, and I will let your youngest son live." *smirks wickedly*[/C]

King Lenindar: *looked at the Young Prince regretfully* "My youngest and now only son…forgive me, I should have been a better Father to you."
King Lenindar: *Raises his staff high and bolts of pure energy strobe forth, slaying dozens upon dozens of Demons before him, his face contorted with the pain of the entire kingdom*

Young Prince: *Badly wounded, and barely awake is taken away from the battle by the few survivors left. All of them leave the stage.*

[C-LB]Curtain handler: *drops the curtain*

[C-G]Storyteller: "A long time did the battle rage, between the enchanter King of Kimald and the Dark Demon Lord. Their duel lasted for hours, and bolts of pure energy surged from their bodies, boding light in the darkened sky.
[C-G]Storyteller: In the end... the King fell, his energy drained from his body, all his resources used up. Demons strode forward, their black swords and spears piercing the King's body, a larger scale version of Ferestys.
[C-G]Storyteller: As the King died the last of their hope was lost. The remaining citizens of Kimald knew they were doomed. The common people of the quiet Country that was once known as Kimald soon became virtually extinct."

[C-G]Storyteller:PART 2 - REMNANTS of KIMALD

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *pulls up the curtain revealing a wasteland, the land is barren with few plants growing. It's covered in debris and a few lifeless bloody bodies.
[C-LB]Curtain Handler: Now and then people wander through or groups huddle together in sadness and fear*

[C-G]Storyteller: "The few Kimaldians left spread far and wide. They did not want to follow in the footsteps of their King, they just wanted to survive. Well.. that's not quite true some also wanted revenge.
[C-G]Storyteller: At the edge of Kimald one such person looked for other survivors. His name was JKD, a young merchant who fought gallantly during the battle despite his lack of skill."

JKD: *wanders around the desolate land and passes by a few other survivors huddled together. The survivors look scared, so does JKD but he also looks determined*
JKD: "I must keep going.. for King Lenindar and Prince Ferestys and Kimald!" *beings to run faster and faster*

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *pulls down the curtain*

[C-G]Story Teller: "For days he searched around Kimald but Balthazar seemed to have disappeared and the Kimald was taken over by Demons.
[C-G]Story Teller: He then decided to form a group to try to hunt Balthazar down. But all he encountered refused to face Balthazar again."

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *pulls up the curtain revealing a lush and peaceful forest*

JKD: *Enters the forest and runs right into Fingolfin. Both come up in fighting stance, Fingolfin is a well-muscled warrior and looks much more confident in his abilities. They make eye contact then look at each other in vague recognition*

Fingolfin: "I know you.. you're a Kimaldian Merchant. I've seen you around."

JKD: "Aye, I've seen you as well. You won all the Warrior matches. I must be on my way." *Starts to walk off*

Fingolfin: *grabs JKD's arm to stop him* "What's the hurry kinsmen? We've lost our homes, our people, and our country. There's nothing left for us."

JKD: "The hurry is that Balthazar still lives. I've sworn to myself that I will avenge my nation. I looked for others but no one was brave enough to join me."
JKD: *looks Fingolfin over* "If you wish to join me, you may." *turns his head and begins to walk away*

Fingolfin: "I'll accompany you on your quest."

JKD: *pauses in his tracks and turns around, an unsure look on his face* "What's that..?"

Fingolfin: "There's nothing else for me in this life. Balthazar killed my friends and family." *stares into JKD's eyes, a vengeful look upon his face* "I want him dead."

JKD: "We must stick together no matter what. That's the only way we can kill him." *holds out his hand*

Fingolfin: *smiles darkly and shakes JKD's hand* "We won't be able to do it alone. Even with all our trained warriors and Enchanters our whole country fell!"

JKD: "Then we'll have to find others. I'll scout ahead." *clumsily runs ahead as Fingolfin sighs and shakes his head*

[C-G]Story Teller: "The pact brought the two former countrymen closer together. Now they were friends, they thought they only had Balthazar to face in the future. But they had many more battles ahead of them."

JKD: *trips then gets up and looks around* "Fingolfin?"

[C-G]Story Teller:*Two demons enter the scene*

Demon 1: "What have we got here?"

Demon 2: "Another one of those Kimaldians. Can't wait till we're rid of them all." *Grins and along with demon 1 close in on JKD*

Fingolfin: *Runs in with a fervent scream, sword raised he hacks and slices the demons up to bits* "Are you ok?"

JKD: "Aye." *nods* "I didn't think the demons would still be after us."

Fingolfin: "We should stick together, they're more likely to attack us if we walk alone. Together, they can't kill us so easy. Two has a better chance then one."

JKD: "We have to leave.." *looks around sadly* "This isn't our land anymore, it's the land of demons now. If we want to stay alive we'll have to go someplace else."

Fingolfin: "But where do we go?"

JKD: "Wherever Balthazar is." *walks off deeper into the Forest with Fingolfin close behind, his eyes searching for demons*

Cloaked Figure: *Pops up suddenly, looks around sneakily then silently follows the duo*

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *drops the curtain*

[C-G]Story Teller: "They walked for days and days, running into no other Kimaldians though they did run into many more demons. And oddly enough a few demon bodies were found.
[C-G]Storyteller: When they finally made it out of Kimald JKD began asking questions in various Inns until he found out for sure Balthazar had indeed left Kimald. He was now trying to take over a far off land known only as Valorn."

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *pulls up the curtain revealing a harbor, a huge ship is tied up to it*

Fingolfin: "We're safe now. I haven't seen demons since we left the forest. Where to now?"

JKD: "Valorn." *walks up the plank of the ship to Valorn and drops a few gold into the Captains hand*

Fingolfin: *shakes his head confusedly as he follows JKD* "I've never heard of it."

JKD: "It's where Balthazar is. While you've been on the look out for Demons I've been trying to find out where good ol' Balthy went." *grits his teeth angrily*

Fingolfin: "So we go there for revenge?"

JKD: "No.. and yes. We've faced him in battle before. We know his weaknesses and how he attacks. Maybe we can save Valorn even though we didn't save Kimald."

Cloaked Figure: *peeks out between some cargo on the ship behind JKD and Fingolfin then disappears back into the shadows*

[C-G]Story Teller: "Having made their decision to sail to Valorn, JKD the traveling merchant and Fingolfin the warrior fall asleep. Late at night two demons snuck aboard, searching out the runaway members from Kimald."

Demon 2: *giggle evilly as they stand over JKD and Fingolfin, they raise their weapons*

Demon 1: "Nobody escapes the fury of Balthazar!"

Cloaked Figure: *silently appears behind the demons, slits the throat of the first demon with his dagger. Then quickly slits the throat of the second one. With a little difficulty throws the demon bodies overboard.*

Fingolfin: *suddenly wakes up and grabs for his sword*"Who's there?" *peers into the darkness but sees nothing and goes back to sleep*

Cloaked Figure: *peers out again between the cargo*

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *Curtain drops*

[C-G]Story Teller: "The journey to Valorn took several weeks so JKD and Fingolfin spent much time together. They generally stood away from the crew and other passengers, each dealing with his pain.
[C-G]Storyteller: Well aboard the ship they spoke of their lost friends and family as well as fond memories of Kimald. Although this made them smile it also hardened their resolve against Balthazar.
[C-G]Storyteller: JKD told Fingolfin what he learned in town: Valorn was constantly being raided by demons; people had lost family members, homes and entire towns. The same thing had happened in Kimald, until one day it all stopped..
[C-G]Storyteller: then weeks later Balthazar showed up. When the ship docked, they went out to get the lay of the land."

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *Lifts up the curtains to show a rich plain, filled with tall grass and other vegetation and creatures running by*

Fingolfin: *walks slightly ahead of JKD, spinning his sword around trying to get the feel of it on this new land. Spots a large plains troll ahead and quickly raises his sword but gets hit with a hammer and flies across the plains*

JKD: *looks back at Fingolfin panicked then looks at the Troll as it raises it's crude hammer again*
JKD: "GET BACK!" *raises his hands menacingly and a sudden burst of energy flies from his fingertips like a bolt of lightening, penetrating the Trolls thick skin and burning him*

Troll: *growls at the pain, tightly grabs his hammer and bashes JKD on the head with it, knocking him unconscious.* "A poorly skilled warrior and enchanter.. you'll make me a fine meal." *laughs hoarsely*

Cloaked Figure: *leaps forward brandishing his dagger, moving it in amazing speed harming the Troll then leaps back to avoid a blow from the hammer. Keeps attacking the troll, running around him and confusing him until he moves in and makes his kill*
Cloaked Figure: "Tougher then what I'm used to.." *puts his dagger away then slowly pulls down the hood of his cloak and smiles at Fingolfin* "Greetings, I'm Ixon." *bows*
Ixon: "I'm the Rogue that's been saving your life ever since you left Kimald. You're welcome."

Fingolfin: "I'm Fingolfin, a Warrior from Kimald."

JKD: "I'm.. I'm.." *blinks and tilts head slightly looking confused* "The only thing I can remember are the letters JKD."

Ixon: "Well I guess that's your name now. I heard the Troll say you're an enchanter. You might want to work on your skills."

JKD: "Why did you follow us?"

Ixon: "You were the only survivors from Kimald that seemed to have some kind of plan. I wanted to stay near Kimaldians; I didn't want to venture off on my own. Didn't know either of you before *shrugs* so I didn't know if I could trust you."

Fingolfin: "You're a rogue.. why should we trust you?"

Ixon: "I'm from Kimald." *blinks like he doesn't understand the question*

JKD: "If you followed us here.. chances are other refugees from Kimald will be coming to this land. Taking out Balthazar might not be our top priority. It would be better to find these other refugees,
JKD: and take care of them, as together we have a better chance of protecting ourselves *nods at Fingolfin* and what's left of the Kimaldian way of life.
JKD: We should do something to give shelter to all refugees and offer them the most valued thing of all: friendship."

Ixon: *grins as JKD speaks and cuts in* "We should start a guild, and provide a new family to those who have lost their home and kin."

JKD: *nods enthusiastically* "And we'll call ourselves just what we are... The Remnants of Kimald."

[C-LB]Curtain Handler: *drops the curtain*

[C-G]Story Teller: "And that is how the Remnants of Kimald came to be. In this new land we found hope, we will band together to fight evil and someday finally defeat Balthazar in the memory of all Kimaldians."

[C-G]Storyteller:----------THE END----------[/C]
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