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Writing, Writing, oh and some more writing. I'm starting as a freshmen in college and am very excited.
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4 Mar 2012
I know a good majority of you all have seen me in the game already, but I worked it out with Miranda (who was very generous) and I was able to retrive the information on my old account.

In other words, I have returned as Vataliny. I look forward to seeing everyone IG! grouphug5.gif
8 Jul 2010
So six years ago I posted a story I had started writing. As most member who were there and read it said that it was decent for a twelve year old, well with some education and a lot more experience I started writing a different novel. It's a bit more sci fi than fantasy. (If Hellios was here he'd be so proud of my grammar and structure). I'm being a little strange when it comes to writing this story,so I'll just post this section that I have written, but bare in mind that this is near the end of the story.

The woman smoking the black cigarettes.
Salad didn’t even have to ask. He knew this woman very well, since she had grown from a young lady into a woman. He cut through the urban countryside on his bike. The autumn air changing temperature as the sun slowly set on his left side and the moon rose on his right. He drove faster than he ever could, knowing that she was a compass for all prey. The woman was attracted to death, to pain, and had the ability to know when and where a person would die, and by who’s hand. It was terrible knowledge for a pacifist, but it made a living. Salad jumped off his bike smoothly after arriving at the destination. A shitty apartment building with schizophrenic drug addicts lined up waiting for a kind hand to supply their next hit. They shivered until their bones rattled and begged shamelessly when Salad walked past their anorexic frames. He didn’t give one caring glance at the disgusting filth that lay among city streets.
Some people were destined to die like that.
Salad flew up the steps, taking them two sometimes three at a time. He bound up them as if it were no hard task. Flight by flight he only became quicker at the task. Elevators were time consuming, useless pieces of machinery. Salad reached the eighth floor finally and ran straight for room 305. Nothing could drive him stronger than finding out his last destination in this labyrinth of events. The door was already open though, hanging on one hinge, it looked as though someone had broken in already. Salad put his hand on his pistol, gingerly he put one foot on the door. He lightly pushed it off the ground. The door swung open gently and noiselessly to Salad’s relief. A dark room lay around him now with bookshelves toppled over and the woman’s precious possession’s broken all over the floor. He took a few steps in, shifting his eyes left and right and left again in search of anyone alive in here. A few more steps and the smell of vodka hit his nostrils along with the putrid waft of vomit. Salad relaxed. The woman was known for her rampaging drunken antics. He walked seamlessly along the trash laying on the floor knowing that she would wake up with a killer headache and a huge regret in the morning, until then he had to make her see where his love was.
He walked into the kitchen where the smell of vodka and vomit met him with the power of an army. It churned his stomach until he had to run into the bedroom to get away from the putrid smell. He shut the door of the bedroom, heaving heavily he took deep breaths and slowly regained his posture. He looked around with the woman nowhere to be found. A new smell met him. The black cigarettes she so dearly loved. He looked around for that smoke and found a red ember glowing in the corner. After a wretched search he flicked on the light switch. His pupils contracted to meet the beams of lights and he saw the worst sight of his life.
The woman was sitting in the corner, a cigarette in her mouth with butts scattered around her body. Her dark auburn hair was messed in only the way a drunken woman can mess her hair and her cigarette was being held on to passionately with pursed lips.
“Now, why the Valorn R0x3rz would you do something terrible like that!?” She screamed. Her words surprisingly clear for one who had thrown up everywhere in the last room.
“I need your help, Leigh.” Salad monotonously said.
The woman lifted an arm and gently grabbed the cigarette with her first and middle fingers. Salad could now see why her words were sober. As Leigh contracted her hand muscles, blood dripped furiously from her wrist. He looked down and saw two huge puddles of blood growing from where Leigh’s wrists were. The razor blade sat kindly on her thigh. The blade glimmered of a deep, black red. Leigh smiled a devilish smile; her ruby red lips reminded him of what the devil looked like if she was dying.
“Salad, my dear friend, you know, my love never lied when he said I would be the death of myself.” She put the cigarette back to her mouth and took a powerful drag and said as she breathed smoke, “I went through my last pack tonight. I guess I never was one to waste anything.”
“Except your life,” He retorted. His anger welled inside of him as he saw the pitiful looking woman smoke her lat cigarette, “I need to find her.”
Leigh looked up sharply. Her green iris seeming greener from the red sclera around it, she looked him straight in the eye. Leigh gasped and looked away. Her heart now beating faster and the blood now almost squirting from each vein, she put both hands on the wall till her heart rate slowed.
“It’s that time already, Salad?” He nodded. “So be it. You will find her where you first met.” The cigarette ashed into blood. It made a beautiful swirl of black tobacco leaves and red congealing blood. “You will kill her with your own hands you know?” She smiled. “I wrote about this event once. Except, in my own terms.”
“What do you mean?” Salad said.
Leigh smiled in reply. “I suppose this will be my last story.” She sighed and took a drag of her cigarette. “I knew I was going to go like this, but I never dreamed it would be so pleasant. “ She cleared her throat and took another drag, while blowing out the smoke she started, “There was a young girl who went to the forest. She wanted to paint what she found the most beautiful. The forest wasn’t too far from her house, so she packed her bag with a sketch book and a pencil and went to go sketch out the prelude to her masterpiece. The girl sat down on a log and hummed as the sun shown perfectly in her forest. After a while the forest began to hum back. Now, the girl was astounded for she didn’t know what to think of a singing forest. But she was very happy that for the first time her life she was immersed in beauty.” Leigh took a deep breath, her life virtually fading before Salad’s eyes. She looked up for the first time in about half an hour and continued, taking drags every few seconds, “The girl was so entranced she forgot to keep sketching, but instead watched the forest in all it’s beauty. She was determined to take in every bit. The singing went on for hours as the trees rejoiced their life to the girl. It went on for so long, in fact, that the girl had been there for days and days and the singing had not stopped, for trees take a very long time to tell their beautiful stories. The girl sat on the log, dying before the trees eyes while they told her of all her and their beauty.” Leigh finished the story and smiled a weary smile. “I’ve lived long enough, Salad, to know that beauty is worth dying for.”
“WHAT ABOUT THOSE Valorn R0x3rzING PEOPLE YOU HELPED?” He yelled at her. His rage finally gripping him and throwing him over the cliff, Salad rushed over to Leigh intending to save her life.
Leigh waved him off with a sly giggle. “You mean the people I’ve killed? Now now, Don’t be hasty my dear, dear friend. We must all die one way or another. It would be selfish to deny me this pleasure. Of course, without me dying you would never be able to complete you mission.”
Salad was so taken back he physically took a few steps back, “How did you know… of…”
“Don’t be silly. In my vision, you told me of your mission. I just thought I’d save both of us the time. Now, sit with me, dear boy. I have two cigarettes left and I know how much you enjoy the blacks. Salad took a deep breath and sat across from Leigh; He lit his cigarette and then lit her cigarette. They smoked in silence with each other. After twenty minutes she took a drag and sighed, “It’s time for us to part.” He nodded and stood up slowly. He turned his back on the dying woman who smoked the black cigarettes and shut off the light. He walked slowly out of the apartment knowing what he had to then do.
Leigh put her head against the wall. The cigarette burned closely to her fingers and she took one last drag. She smiled and remembered Salad as a young boy. His hair was always shoulder-length and pulled back. When playing video games, he would hold the cigarette between his ring and pinky finger and would take drags between kills. She remembered it vividly, the way he would take large drags, blowing the smoke out in thick clouds to cover his face, only to blow it all away with another small drag. She looked at her wrists and could feel remaining blood in her body beat slowly.
“I want to hurt one last time for you, Salad,” she whispered. Tensing up every muscle in her arm she brought up the weakened hand to her face and withdrew the cigarette for the last time. She smiled and put the cigarette into her open wound, feeling the blood boil and the water change into steam inside her body. Leigh laid her head back for a few seconds and realized that the familiar tingle on the nerves screaming in her brain was no longer present. Leigh lost her composure, she started hyperventilating and all of her muscles twitched relentlessly. A tear welled up in the corner of her eye and she screamed.
Salad walked out of the building to see a blood red, Hunter’s moon on the horizon. The scream pierced through the winter air, making every living thing shutter. He looked up to the window that belonged to Leigh’s apartment.
“Good night, Leigh. Sleep well. Tell the devil I will see him soon,” Salad whispered, the steam copying each letter, making the request permanent in the wake of death.

23 Nov 2007
Haze stepped off the boat. The sun was perfect as she examined the new world. It was exactly how her sister had imagined it. How Haze missed Vataliny, and the cause of her death was unknown. She had come to Valorn to find out why. So young was her sister, yet when she returned she was so weak, and died shortly afterwards. Haze looked around. The beauty of the plains was indescribable. The grasses waved under the gentle warm breeze on this mild day. She could feel the energy from Dundee radiating even so far away. After walking for 11 marcs with no rest Haze reached the gates of Dundee.
The bustling city, filled with smith and people working hard. Haze smiled. She knew her life would be amazing in Valorn. She equpied herself with the most amount of armor she could afford and jumped into the sewers. Immediately she stepped on a crumpled almost shredded piece of paper. The ink was still legible. Haze starred at the two types of writing, one so similar to hers, the other was messier, more like a males writing.
Haze set down her sword, for the fact she couldn't afford a sheath, And read the following
"Thank you, JKD. I have just arrived so I do not need anything, but I will let you know! I am very grateful."
The male hand writing underneath read, "You are quite welcome. I am just happy to help."
Haze smiled at her sister's gratefulness towards everything and pocketed the peice of paper. She set off into the sewer's determined to aquire level 15, and become a rogue like her sister.
20 Nov 2007
I've returned.
Not as Vataliny
But as Haze.
For everyone who remeber me (the old ones) tongue.gif
Then Hi
2 Sep 2006
635 new posts. I think I've only been gone since August 23. I'll be checking in every weekend just to let everyone know
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