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20 Jan 2013

Wherever you are.

Which is currently at home sick with a flu bug. Yeesh. sad.gif
26 Jan 2012
to me. biggrin.gif

24 Apr 2011
Wooooo! Yay!

21 Feb 2011
Username: isoyami
Character Name Awai Isoyami
Character Number 61003
Character Background I don’t remember all the details of time gone by, but I am more than willing to share with you what I can remember. My very first memory of stepping onto Valorn’s shores was years and years ago: my first time exploring the town of Dundee I happened to wander into the bank, and there I first set eyes on the woman I would love for the rest of our lives. But that, my friends is another story.

My name is Awai Isoyami, and I was once known as Isoyami. I have been told my name can be interpreted to mean: “in balance”, and that is how I have striven to live my life; in balance. Some Clerics I have known focus on one aspect of our duties, our powers: either to bring the wrath of the Holy Light against the foul demons that stalk this land, or to use our more gentle gifts to soothe and restore. I try to be competent in both arts, with my holy sword in my right hand and holy ring on my left, ready to offer battle and aid.

Since I was a low level adventurer, I have always admired the power and the compassion of the Cleric: the holy men and women who can heal body and soul with a gentle touch and a kind word. I trained long and hard, and was eventually inducted into the Holy Orders, and I found it is everything I wanted to be, and more.

Now, I am far from the ideal Cleric. I can be rash and impatient, I don’t have as much patience as I should for sitting in temples and reading the old scrolls, I would much rather be out there in the thick of the action. I enjoy a good ale and joking with friends, and sometimes I have spoken before I thought things through properly, and that has gotten me into trouble more than once. But I have realized something. My faith, my belief in something good, and pure, and greater than myself remains as rock solid and unshakeable as ever. I feel as comfortable swinging a sword back to back with a warrior as I do sharing an ale and a laugh with a rogue.

I have many fond memories of friends still here and no longer with us, of spending time counseling and mentoring adventurers old and new. I still have lessons to learn and levels to grow, but I look forward to learning and growing, to passing on my gifts and my knowledge.

If there is anything I have neglected to answer, or anything else you wish to know, ask and I will be happy to tell you.

Supporting Information / Motivations Since I was a low level adventurer, I have known about the ROK, it is the oldest guild in the land, and some of my oldest friends and the kindest people I have known have been in the guild. I have half joking commented that anyone who was anybody was in the ROK, even now some of my dearest friends are in the guild.

When I finally awoke after my long sleep, I have actually received many offers to be in guilds, and the choice has not been an easy one. I have been in three previous guilds before: The Valornian Vanguard, The Union, and Sanctuary. I have had friends in many more guilds, and I am happy for the experience. I was very honored when Purazon sent me the scroll offering membership; as I have long looked up to the ROK, I have not considered myself worthy to be a member.

But I have decided now. I have decided I want to be in a guild, a guild that is old and stable, with many friends to share laughs and good times with, and of course to offer everything I am and own in aid. Even though I am not from Kimald, I am applying to be a member of the Remnants of Kimald family, if you will have me.

My thanks, and ROK on,

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